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Electronics Design Engineer

Design, manufacture & test various electrical components.

Lobster Robotics is a high-tech startup developing cutting-edge autonomous underwater vehicles for ocean exploration and monitoring. Our fully in-house designed robots enable us to make detailed satellite-like visual maps of the seabed which offers invaluable insights into the mysterious world beneath the ocean's surface. We are currently seeking a full-time electronics design engineer to join our team. You will play a critical role in further developing core systems of the underwater robot. 


As an electrical engineer at Lobster, you will be working on a diverse set of challenges across high speed digital, precision analog, RF, power electronics and system design. You will be responsible for designing, manufacturing and testing a majority of the PCBs of our underwater robot. You will gain experience in making your designs operate in the extreme environment of the deep sea. You will start working on the next iteration of our motherboard, integrating sensors, computing & other systems into an industry leading neat and well integrated package. Given that we are developing a hardware product, close collaboration with colleagues from diverse disciplines is essential. 

You are 

  • An electronics wizard. 

  • Able to take ownership in your projects. 

  • Able to take a design from a napkin sketch to reality. 

  • Excelling in a multidisciplinary team. 

  • Experienced in PCB design. 


  • Completed MSc studies in electronics engineering or have related work expierience. 

  • Proven ability to take a design from a napkin sketch to reality. 

  • Strong problem-solving skills, meticulous attention to detail, the capability to take ownership and excel in a multidisciplinary team environment. 

  • Demonstrated experience in PCB design. Proficiency in KiCad (preferred), Altium, Orcad, or Eagle. 

  • Proficient soldering skills. 

  • Eligible to work in the Netherlands. 

What do you get in return 

  • Full-time position based at our YES!Delft office. 

  • Become an integral part of a rapidly growing startup. 

  • Work together with a highly skilled and motivated team. 

  • Comprehensive end-to-end development experience. 

  • The satisfaction of contributing to a meaningful and impactful cause.

Apply now

By filling in the form on the right or by emailing 

directly to To take your application into account we ask for the following details:

  • Resume

  • Motivation letter

  • Portfolio containing relevant projects you have worked on, clearly stating your contribution.

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