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"Making Oceans Accessible"

By considering the full process

At the moment, there is a high cost barrier for collecting underwater data. We see two main drivers for the high costs, the day-rate of support vessels and the costs of specialized personnel. By carefully considering what is actually needed to achieve the objective, we strive towards eliminating all the unnecessary complexity.


The result is a small, yet capable and reliable AUV. These are crucial aspects before the data collection can be parallelized by using multiple AUVs. This will truly have an impact as the overhead costs are decreased.


Why we use AUVs

Less specialized personnel

The tasks of operating the AUV consists of mission planning, launching, waiting, recovering and data offloading & charging. Since no pilot in needed during underwater operation, a crew of 2 people can operate more than 1 AUV.


Working offshore is inherently risky. Whit AUVs, the survey can be executed in less time. Less time offshore means less personnel is required and lower carbon emissions.

Cheaper support vessel

The requirements of the support vessel are less strict, no dynamic positioning is required. The AUV can even be operated from shore if the site is within reach. 

Team Members

Lobster is founded by TU Delft graduates with a passion for challenging engineering and exploration of the deep sea. The deep sea is as challenging as outer space, and we know even less about it.  With a strong multidisciplinary team, we are bringing fresh wind into the world of underwater data acquisition. 

Daan de Groot
Arthur Admiraal
Joris Quist
Bas van Vliet
Stephan Rutten
Danny Looman
We are hiring!

Are you skilled and looking for a new challenge or internship? Are you not afraid to do some field work from time to time? We are always looking to expand our team with motivated talent!

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