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We are Lobster

We aim to lower the threshold for underwater inspections by developing a flexible underwater survey solutions for industry and governments

Our story

Lobster was founded by a team of TU Delft graduates with a passion for challenging engineering and exploration of the deep sea. The deep sea is as challenging as outer space, and we know even less about it.  With a background in space engineering, we are bringing fresh wind into the world of underwater data acquisition. 


Our approach incorporates the entire design space, from supply chains to the field. We pride ourselves in challenging even the fundamentals when it comes to designing our systems.


Core values


We know more about the surface of the Moon than about our own ocean floor. The challenging environment, remoteness, extreme pressure and pitch darkness have always drawn adventurers and explorers alike. This magical feeling is what unites our team, the desire to look around the next corner.


From small to large, there is always something to improve. Sometimes it is a minor detail, sometimes it is a fundamental feature. Engineering advanced robots for the most remote place on Earth is the best challenge we can think of, and we love every second of it.


The oceans are a dangerous place that deserve our respect. Where possible, we keep humans on shore and let the robots do the dangerous work. Our motto is “If you can’t do it safely, you can’t do it.” This applies throughout all phases of our work; from testing to operations. 

Job opportunities

Are you looking to apply your knowledge and support the development of the next generation of subsea robotics? We are always looking to expand our team with motivated talent. Check out our open job and internship positions!

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