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Develop yourself at Lobster Robotics 

Do you see yourself working on cutting-edge underwater robots?

One team, one objective

At Lobster, we challenge ourselves and each other to make oceans accessible. With our way of working we make small improvements every day. This has resulted in something unique in the offshore world. Over the long run, we believe this innovation mindset will lead to significant impact.


The best often comes from both worlds. In our team, we value proper discussions and multidisciplinary solutions


Learning doesn't just happen in university! When building something truly groundbreaking, you should be open to pick up new knowledge or change you mind


Always dreamt of making an impact? Your bright ideas today can be out at sea tomorrow!

Open positions

If you do not see your desired position listed below, but still very interested in working at Lobster Robotics? Submit an open application with the form below.


Lobster's founders met each other during their studies, and we value the importance of learning. We will give you the opportunity to learn important professional skills like project management, clear communication, and full design iterations.

Open Application

If you are motivated to work at Lobster Robotics, and you do not see your desired position listed, just send us an open application using the form or by mailing directly to hr@lobster-robotics. 

To take your application into account we ask for the following details:

  • Resume

  • Motivation letter

  • Portfolio containing relevant projects you have worked on, clearly stating your contribution.

Choose file
Choose file

Thank you for your application.

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