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Large scale & systematic visual data collection

We deliver data and information to our clients

Meet the Lobster Scout

At Lobster we develop and operate the Lobster Scout. This is the worlds first Autonomous Underwater Vehicle capable to perform large scale visual surveys. The Scout is designed inhouse, and we continuously improve the data quality, efficiency and accuracy.

Modular Architecture
  • Battery swap possible > high up-time

  • Room for custom sensor integration

Operational - 2 man portable
  • Length: ~2.0m

  • Mass: 50 kg

  • 300m depth rating

camera_project_rotated 3_Beauty.png
The Camera System

Delivering sharp & consistent images

Resolution of individual photos up to 1.6 px / mm seabed

Minimal motion blur due to Superstrobe lights

Synchronization with the navigation system for geo-referenced photos

Dome port design for best image quality


How we collect your data

We strive to get you the best data possible using safe operations and fast processing.


Mission Planning

First we discuss what the survey requirements are, and plan the AUV missions using the user interface and prepare the Scouts. 


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stephan offshore with lobster scout
Stephan Rutten


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