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Photographing the seabed to help you understand what is there
Lobster Robotics provides underwater imagery data that helps offshore energy developers, consultants and researchers to take action

Environmental services

Lobster uses robotics technology to perform baseline surveys, habitat mapping, environmental characterization, and support nature restoration at sea.​ Lobster Robotics collects data such as seabed imagery systematically and provides analysis for clients in offshore wind, dredging and construction, as well as governments and knowledge institutions. The quality and scalability of our data is what sets us apart.

High-quality images

Razor sharp details at an unprecedented scale providing clients with a ground truth of the seabed surface


Our seabed maps are easily to interpret and true to scale to help clients quantify habitats and biodiversity

Full project scope

We arrange customized surveys, data processing and analysis and interface directly with your environmental teams

Demo Ancho
Portfolio: imaging wild oyster reef in the North Sea

This is a map of the largest wild oyster reef in the North Sea. Together with our partner Wageningen Marine Research we tested our second generation robot here in the spring of 2023. The images were taken by our robot at 1m from the seabed in 2-3m visibility, with little to no current. Needless to say, the test was a success.

What We Offer

We see huge technical barriers for ecologists and other users to systematically investigate the seabed. Lobster lowers this barrier by offers the systematic data and the analysis tools to study and understand nature enhancement efforts and their impact on marine ecosystems.

Visual Seabed Mapping

We sell the data collected with autonomous underwater robots that systematically collected using simple, safe & efficient offshore operations.

Grevelingen zoom 1.PNG
Environmental Analysis Services

Analyzing the visual maps by hand is a time-consuming task. Therefore we develop and offer the tools to automate these processes.

Interested in our capabilities?

Send a message and let's discuss your needs together.

stephan offshore with lobster scout
Stephan Rutten


Thanks for reaching out, we will be in touch.

Our partners

We are developing and testing our underwater imaging solution together with

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