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Lobster Robotics

Underwater Survey Services

Looking for collaborations

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We are currently setting up tests to optimize our technology. We will test the Lobster Scout in your operation, gather data on the site and provide you with insights right away. If you enjoy trying out new technologies and are interested in testing this service in your operation, let’s see if we’re a match; don’t hesitate to reach out! 

Our Mission

Provide the best underwater data acquisition platform, available anywhere at any time

Revolutionizing underwater access

The largest ecosystem on our planet, our main source of oxygen, providing food for 3 billion people, is under threat. We are smashing barriers to work towards a shared understanding of this 70% of our planet which is so important to us; the oceans. 


We are a startup company developing the next generation tools for underwater data collection, powered by versatile robotics and a drive to innovate. 


Our dream is to contribute to a better understanding of human impact on the oceans, and together find better ways to protect, restore and enjoy the great big blue.


Our services

We are dedicated to make your life easier; whether you have an underwater monitoring requirement, a special research case, or need advice in solving a subsea challenge; we are here for you.


We can provide bathymetry- and visual surveys against a competitive price point at short notice. Additional measurements like dissolved gases, magnetism, algae content are available on request.


Need a visual on an underwater asset? We can provide high resolution imagery even in challenging environments. We offer post processing options like image stitching and 3D reconstruction.


Our expertise lies in the design, development and production of advanced subsea mechatronics and robotics. We can help you choose the right solution to your underwater challenge, and with our extensive network in the subsea industry advise you on the right course of action.

Our partners

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