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Photographing the seabed to help you understand what is there
Lobster Robotics provides underwater imagery data that helps offshore energy developers, consultants and researchers to take action

Making underwater imagery systematic

Lobster makes using photographs of the seabed at scale possible by automating and improving the collection process. All individual images are combined into visual maps to easily interpret the results. The result is a systematic method to truly understand what is happening on the seabed. Images clearly reveal the vegetation, creatures and objects. Our service leads to data-driven decisions for the offshore industry and research communities.

Use cases involve the pre- and post construction comparison of offshore activities, monitoring of sites of interest and many more.

Lobster helps you to reduce risk and manage stakeholders using data driven products.

Consistent high-quality images

Lobsters underwater drone uses powerful strobe lights to make pictures. Because of the strobe lights the individual pictures have true colors and suffer only minimally from motion blur.

In combination with active position control relative to the seabed the result is that all individual pictures from a mission have the same image quality

Geo-referenced visual map

Using photogrammetry, all separate images are combined in a one model of the seabed. In mater of seconds the map can be analyzed by any stakeholder.

Every pixel is position tagged, enabling taking measurements and quantitative analysis from behind our desk.

Automatic image analysis

Varying image quality is one of the main problems for using AI based image analysis. The consistent nature of our images  simplifies AI based image analysis. 

Our analysis team can prove species counts, vegetation analysis and coral reef status providing you with savings.

Demo Ancho
Demonstration project: a 20-meter by 20-meter interactive visual map

During a pilot project, we surveyed 20 x 20 meters and photographed the complete area resulting in many individual photos. During post-possessing, all photos are combined into a single visual map resulting in unprecedented overview over the seabed. 

Experience the overview for yourself with this interactive map

What We Offer

We see huge technical barriers for ecologists and other users to systematically investigate the seabed. Lobster lowers this barrier by offers the systematic data and the analysis tools to study and understand nature enhancement efforts and their impact on marine ecosystems.

Systematic Data Collection

We sell the data collected with autonomous underwater robots that systematically collected using simple, safe & efficient offshore operations.

Grevelingen zoom 1.PNG
Automated Analysis

Analyzing the visual maps by hand is a time-consuming task. Therefore we develop and offer the tools to automate these processes.

Interested in our capabilities?

Send a message and let's discuss your needs together.

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