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Lobster Robotics

Key insights for offshore wind developers with high quality seabed photography

Our value proposition

We take high quality, geo-referenced orthophotos of the seabed to support scoping, consenting and development of offshore wind



Looking for an innovative way to support your seabed investigations? Our data is high quality and intuitive to anyone from experts to local communities, and can help visualize environmental policy or strategy.

Revolutionizing underwater access

The largest ecosystem on our planet, our main source of oxygen, providing food for 3 billion people, is under threat. We are smashing barriers to work towards a shared understanding of this 70% of our planet which is so important to us; the oceans. 


We are a startup company developing the next generation tools for underwater data collection, powered by versatile robotics and a drive to innovate. 


Our dream is to contribute to a better understanding of human impact on the oceans, and together find better ways to protect, restore and enjoy the great big blue.


Our partners

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