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Our Mission

Provide the best underwater data acquisition platform, available anywhere at any time


Visual surveys

We use a 4K video system, synchronized with our proprietary flash lamp system, to produce the highest quality images. 


  • 4K video 

  • 2D stitched 'satellite view' of surveyed area 

  • 3D reconstruction from images

Bathymetric surveys

Interested in bathymetry data? Useful for providing insights in seabed dynamics, environmental modeling and much more.


  • 2D contour plots

  • 3D reconstruction

  • Tide level mapping

Magnetic surveys

We can help you find magnetic anomalies hidden in the seabed. Essential data for archeology, construction and environmental mapping.


  • Field strength and direction

  • 2D contour plots

  • 3D data

Custom surveys

Change is in our DNA. Contact us with your custom requests. Simultaneous, synchronized data acquisition with multiple sensors is possible.


  • Custom sensor development or integration

  • Current profiling

  • Water quality monitoring

  • Sampling

  • Dissolved chemicals

  • SONAR-based mapping

  • Background noise

  • ...


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