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Our value proposition

We take high quality, geo-referenced orthophotos of the seabed to support scoping, consenting and development of offshore wind

See through water

Do you need to know what's on the seabed? Our technology enables us to take a 'satellite' snapshot, providing you a high resolution overview of the area of interest. Open the map in GIS software for advanced analysis, or just in any standard image viewer.

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Our advanced underwater robots capture raw images using industrial-grade cameras. We use these images to create data products such as:

  • High resolution corrected photos

  • Raw & corrected video

  • 2D orthophoto maps (mosaics)

  • 3D models

We also offer case-specific products, such as:

  • Relief maps

  • Bathymetry point clouds

  • Custom (contact us)


Photographs are a powerful medium, seeing is believing. Our high quality seabed maps are used by:

  • Maritime archaeologists

  • Fisheries researchers

  • Geologists

  • Consenting & permitting specialists

  • Marine biologists

Our process

Need this service for your project? 

  1. Schedule a meeting with our sales team

  2. Together, we make a plan that best suits your needs

  3. We send two Lobster operators and a Lobster robot to join you on site (or on board)

  4. Our operators use the robot to map your site

  5. We send you the data a few days later

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Book a meeting

Schedule a meeting to discuss your needs.

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