Learn how we plan to fulfill our mission and revolutionize access to underwater data



Proof of concept & development of the Scout

Lobster all started as a student project in 2018. With almost no budget the founders confirmed through experiments that they had every ingredient to revolutionize deep sea exploration.


Every free moment was spent on designing, testing and repairing the technology we now have. Commercial interest began to grow, not only for applications in the deep sea, but for all situations where underwater data was required.


Startup time!

In 2021 we became a startup with the goal to apply the knowledge and technology we had developed to addressing the challenges of underwater data collection. Partnerships were forged and we won 25.000 euros in innovation prizes. Development expanded to tools to support data processing and field operations.

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Field readiness & market entry

We are now testing the Scout in the backwater and making adjustments as we go. After we’ve completed our thorough testing roadmap in 2022, we will be able to conduct surveys up to 100m depth anywhere in the world. The modular architecture of our Scout means that we can quickly incorporate new use cases into our portfolio, so we can seamlessly enter new markets.


Scaling up

After our initial market entry, we will raise funds to fortify our market position, scale up and further advance the performance of our technology by additional development to enable operations up to 6000m. We have plans to position ourselves at the top of the market when it comes to speed, cost-effectiveness and reliability. Our technology, operations and business have been designed for scalability from the start.