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Project update August 2021

Updated: Jul 18, 2022


Due to delays in the completion of one of our sensor systems, we haven’t been able to pursue any more open water tests with the Lobster Scout, our modular robot platform. Instead, we have been preparing to go out to sea (which we’ll do later this year), by developing & practicing our Launch & Recovery procedures. Our partner, the Sea Ranger Service, is almost more enthusiastic about our technology than we are, and has kindly provided offshore testing capabilities with their tried & tested sailing yacht, the Fantastiko. Last week, we have been able to test the L&R procedure that we developed with the Sea Rangers, with great success! By keeping the required tools and installations on board to a minimum, it is easy to adapt, depending on the situation. This makes us the first deep sea robot that can be deployed from a sizeable, affordable ship, opening up new opportunities to the much needed subsea research!

In a few months, we intend to survey our first oyster reefs in the North Sea, so stay tuned!

Nerd stuff

How do you make a high power switch that works up to 6000m water depth? And that is super safe & reliable? This is a challenge that Arthur, our electronics wizard, has

finally tackled and is now about to assemble the first prototypes of. It’s truly a piece of art. Why is this so difficult? First of all, normal fuses don’t work under pressure. Second of all, we use currents high enough to weld steel with. Dealing with these conditions, while keeping everything cool and compact is right up Arthur’s alley. Hopefully, we’ll be able to show you some (pyrotechnical) tests in the future.

Also, I haven’t been idling myself! Following from the most recent pool & outdoors test, I’ve re-engineered the front- and end caps of the Scout, to support more testing and improve hydrodynamics. Here’s a picture of me holding the combined result in a prototype setup. This is going more to the desired size of the Scout platform in a couple of years.


As most of the team is on holidays right now, not much is going on regarding development. We’re all looking forward to starting again in September though, and have a lot of plans for the rest of the year!

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