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Update October 2022

Let's start with some milestones of the past few months:

  • We've upgraded almost all modules of the Scout since last time

  • We have developed our own strobed camera system from scratch

  • Half of the team is now BOSIET certified

  • We've been awarded a 25.000,- euro grant from the Gemeente Den Haag for testing offshore

  • We were part of the Dutch offshore wind trade mission to Cork in Ireland

  • We've attended the Hamburg Offshore Wind Conference

State of the Scout

It's got an all-new color, and most importantly, an all new camera system! Two large LED panels provide plenty of light for photographing the seabed in even the darkest conditions. We expect to further improve this system over the coming months in preparation for our first pilot projects.

Current developments

We are busy exploring partnerships with companies from the Maritime Archeology, Offshore Wind, Marine Ecology, and other sectors. We are offering a pilot program where we identify a number of usecases with the client. Together, we define milestones and set up trials for each usecase to find where the best fit with our services is. Interested? Contact us through the contact for or through Linkedin.

The field trials with the new camera system are keeping us busy as well. Designing and optimizing the system requires testing a lot of assumptions and is a great learning opportunity for the team. As we are mastering the field of opto-mechatronics we will provide status updates either in this newsletter or on our Linkedin page, so stay tuned.

Having the right certification is an important step for our team. With the OPITO-issued BOSIET certificate, we are closer than ever to operate our robots anywhere in the world!

Quote of the month

Our team keeps an internal list of 'quotes', short phrases which are, lightly put, odd when taken out of context (usually they are odd in-context as well). The winner of this month is;

"I'm not even getting out of bed for less than order-of-magnitude improvement to this system"

As you can tell, our engineering colleagues are always on the forefront of ambition.

Next steps

We'll try to get the rest of the team BOSIET certified as well over the coming months. We have a lot of plans for the next phase of development, stay tuned for more updates by subscribing on our website.

That's it for this update. Please get in touch if you have any questions or remarks!

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