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Update July 2022

After a long silence, here is a much anticipated update!

Here's a short list of milestones we've achieved in the past half year;

  • Collaborated with Next Level Animal Sciences program at Wageningen University to make the first step towards automatic and smart underwater data acquisition

  • Hired and successfully coached our first group of full-time interns

  • Awarded 100k euro project funding from the Dutch Government, together with startup Reef Support, for a very exciting project you'll soon hear more about

  • Tested our tech for over 300 hours in both fresh and salt water in the Netherlands

  • Built a solid plan for market entry

  • ... and many more achievements, both big and small

State of the Scout

We are now in the 'Gamma' configuration, with many modules upgraded since the 'Beta' configuration.

This configuration we use for outdoors testing, mainly for reliability and new software features. Most modules you see here are about to be upgraded using the insights of the past 6 months of testing.

Current developments

We are looking for partnerships to validate our technology and market fit! We're interested to hear about your underwater data needs, join your current data acquisition expeditions and test our tech with you. We want to validate that we can deliver underwater data in a much more cost-effective way than the current state of the art permits. Contact us through the contact form or Linkedin!

Quote of the month

Our team keeps an internal list of 'quotes', short phrases which are, lightly put, odd when taken out of context (usually they are odd in-context as well). The winner of this month is;

"It's not really bright, until you compare it to the sun"

I'll leave it up to you to imagine what the context was for this one

Next steps

We're working hard on the development of our proprietary strobed camera system which will be closely integrated in the robot. This enables us to do some advanced stuff to maximize data quality, but we'd rather show than tell! Stay tuned for more updates by subscribing on our website.

That's it for this update. Please get in touch if you have any questions or remarks!

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