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We Make and Analyse Detailed Visual Seabed Maps

Enabling Quantitative Insights with Visual Mapping

At Lobster Robotics, we have developed an in-house solution that brings unparalleled clarity and precision to the study of changing underwater ecosystems, attributed to factors like global warming and human impact. Our innovative underwater visual survey technology captures every intricate detail, empowering marine ecologist and researchers with the tools they need to truly understand the underwater world.

Harnessing the combined strength of individual images, we transform fragmented data into a seamless, satellite-like view of the underwater environment. As demonstrated in our pilot study, we present a captivating visualization of a 20-meter by 20-meter area, showcasing the unprecedented level of detail and insight our technology provides. See it for yourself.

Demo Ancho


Obtain full overview over your chosen seabed area.

Scaleble to large surveys, up to 1 Ha per day.

Consistent and high image quality.

Seamless integration with other (custom) sensors.

Ability to investigate how the seabed changes over time.

Systematic visual data collection.

What We Offer

We offer the systematic data and the analysis tools to study and understand nature enhancement efforts and their impact on marine ecosystems. 

Systematic Data Collection

Underwater data collected with autonomous robots for systematic and efficient offshore operations.

Grevelingen zoom 1.PNG
Automated Analysis

We analyse the photos using machine learning algorithms. We can provide information about the density of species, biomass estimation ect.

Interested in our capabilities?

Send a message and lets discuss your needs together.

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Stephan Rutten


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Our partners

We are developing and testing our underwater imaging solution together with

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